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No problem! I thought you were using numbers for the people who dont speak english as well. And im glad that you are designing more images for this site. Thats more “human” to other ptc sites. Keep it up ;)

Thanks for your kind words:D
Actually Im not very good in English too, so I should know how to set up my site better.
And I will try to make my site different from others.

Anyway I wanna share about PandaClix site, the stats, and some changes.

» Why I start this site? I am a PTC members for 6 years, I started this site because I inspired by Clixsense and Cashtravel, to have a site that people could earn extra cash with a simple tasks and proper way. Not easy or big money but you will always get paid.

» PandaClix is a real PTC site, real PTC site means no Rent Referrals(bots) System or Revenue Share or other investments scheme. Thats why Paypal is still with us.

» Our total members is now reach 1896, but the active members is only about 100 daily.

» Our Alexa Rank currently is 588,899.

» You can earn 20% from your ref earning if you are a standard member, you can earn more if you upgrade(Upgrade is only for those who are able to get direct referrals).

» Basic way to earn is viewing ads on daily basis, if you wanna boost your earning try our OfferWall. We have the highest reward for OfferWall(for now), including PTCWall, ClixWall and MinuteStaff.

» Our Unique Feature is Daily Checklist Bonus, You can get 10% bonus from your earning(from PTC and OfferWall) by completing the checklist. So Imagine you have earned $1 today, you can get 10% from it by complete the checklist.

» Our income is mainly from advertisers, Banners and OfferWall. Until today we have earned about $500 and paid $133 to our members.

With many Ptc sites out there, I can only say we are the low income site but will always stay alive. Everyday new Ptc sites is created and some of the sites is closed after scamming peoples. Just beware of High earning Ptc sites because I know how hard to earn money as Ptc owner. They will go bankrupt or scam their members. Dont Easily invest or Upgrade or even Renting Referrals especially with promo or discount, Ptc site earned money from advertisers not from members. No easy money in this world.

Thats all what I wanna say, good luck and dont get scammed.

Thanks and best regards

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